Aivar Hannolainenlinkedin-button2

Technical Director
Mobile +372 516 3158

Aivar is passionate about organisations and all kinds of communication within and between organisations. One could say that Aivar’s world consists solely of organisations as he sees every alliance, company or government as an organisation. In a similar manner a village, county, parish or town is an organisation to him. Aivar is always extremely happy when he has been able to create an effective channel of communication for yet another organisation. This could be done by live video stream or by other means of passing on audiovisual messages.

Kati Jägellinkedin-button2

Creative Director
Mobile +372 556 40872

Kati’s calling is visualizing messages. It is hard to say whether Kati finds messages or the messages find her, but one could be sure that wherever Kati is, there is also a story being shared. As a creative director, Kati makes the video image come to life. She can communicate messages without much talking or if necessary with no words at all. On the other hand, if the messages are being spoken, she knows the right questions to ask and helps you to talk on camera. Kati has studied film and audiovisual composition in the UK where her career in creating visual messages started some years ago.

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