Event Media gives wings to your message

Our mission is to communicate valuable moments. We do it primarily through video, supported by appropriate sound and light.

At events, communicating messages is a technical task if there are hundreds of people watching and listening – or if the event needs to be transformed into one coherent and continuous video stream to be watched online.

In video production, communicating messages is more about creative storytelling through the visual language of film and video.

We can do both.

Event Media is flexible

Founded in 2014, we are a rapidly developing company. We have two project managers and around ten freelancers working project-based at any given time.

Our strength is flexibility. We are flexible enough to specialize on video, sound and light equally, each of which requires different know-how, skills and specialist equipment. We have the flexibility to adapt to changes quickly which is vital in our field. We are flexible and tough enough to work on a number of projects in various countries simultaneously.

Event Media is accurate. The founders have years of experience in fields of video production and corporate marketing in order to know the right amounts of image, sound and light needed for each individual project. We know how to communicate messages through video in a way that affects people. We know how to make people talk on camera. We have the skills to portray people the way they appear in real life.

We know what we can do today in order to help businesses in both technical and creative communication. We may not know the extent of the services we will be able to offer in the future, but whatever we take on we know we will always work hard to give wings to important messages and valuable moments.

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